Meet Upaasana

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” The Future Belongs to those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

A firm believer on this thought here’s Unfolding the classydashing, and flamboyant inspirational weight loss journey of a very recent and breath-taking, MrsIndiaInternationalQueen 2020 Pageant title winner, Upaasana Kalia. It’s a dream for almost every girl to once see themselves on the screen being celebrated for their beauty, self-confidence, and value systems, here’s presenting Upaasana, a supply chain professional and mom to a toddler who made it happen for herself and gave a proud moment for the complete team.

From being a good swimmer, basketball player, an active participant at inter-state rowing competitions, life started taking a turn for Upaasana with higher studies, challenging career opportunities, geographical shifts, and finally motherhood. Post-pregnancy her weight reached beyond the imagination of her wildest dreams…85 kgs to be precise. Somewhere all of this was affecting her mental sanity and stamina levels – one thing that she could not have compromised, being a mother of a toddler.

Her Diet controls and physical workouts could only get her into the 70s club but after a while, nothing seemed to be working for her, and that’s when in early 2020, Upaasana came across ReshapeNation through social media feeds of countless happy healthy weight-loss clients. Within a span of a few months, she not only lost 14KGS but was able to experience HigherEnergyLevels. What excited her was the boost in her self-confidence that could take her to compete for this prestigious #MrsIndiaInternationalQueen 2020 Pageant.

In the words of Upaasana, “You experience a sense of accomplishment when your dreams actualize which you once thought were far-fetched. Today at 58KGS, when I look back at my postpartum photos, I don’t hate them, I love them more. I feel proud and grateful. This journey has taught me to love my body and most importantly the science behind it. Getting healthier and fitter encouraged me to compete in this world-class forum and emerge as a winner. It’s not just about losing a few kilos and becoming fit but as a woman, working professional, and mother, my achievement really speaks for the limitless accolades that anyone can get for themselves just by taking care of their health. Today I am surrounded by compliments but what lies at the core is that single decision “To focus on myself.

My wholehearted gratitude to the complete #ReshapeNation community and the platform provided by MrsIndiaInternationalQueen which helped me create such a beautiful chapter of my life by inculcating the motto of BeStrongBeConfidentBeYou.
Winning the #MrsIndiaInternationalQueen 2020 Pageant title is a life-changing moment for Upaasana and also for the complete ReshapeNation community to celebrate and feel proud of. Upaasana’s journey and achievement are inspirational but also worth to be revered, as this adds a completely different feather of achievement and paradigm shift for the passionate team at Reshape Nation from being more than just a weight-loss community.

2020 has been a skyrocketing year for the complete Reshape Nation community with countless individuals getting healthier and fitter as part of the ObesityFreeIndia dream~ now with this fantastic and world-class accolade of Upaasana, Reshapenation today can definitely boast of being a vehicle to shape dreams that lie deep within each one of us.