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“He who has Health has Hope, and he who has Hope has Everything.”

Thomas Carlyle

We, at Reshape Nation, are absolutely delighted & joyous to share the awe-inspiring & jaw-dropping health transformation of Sanjeev Kumar!

An MBA (Finance) & business owner based in Ahmedabad, Sanjeev tried his hands at multiple businesses and met failure one after the other. This, coupled with unhealthy eating habits & a sedentary lifestyle, led to unhealthy weight gain to serious obese levels of 115 Kgs.
Sanjeev shares, “Going about daily life with so much weight was painful. It felt worse because I was a top-level sportsman in my school & college. I excelled at many sports and was the captain of the college football team.”

Many unhealthy symptoms associated with obesity showed up. Back pain, gastric problems, feeling lethargic & sleepy the whole even after sleeping for 9-10 hours, and constant food craving made Sanjeev drag through his days. The worst part was snoring! His mother and wife would jokingly compare his snoring with a lion’s roar.

Sanjeev tried diet control and exercising on his own! He would lose a few kgs and re-gain quickly. He had given up hope!!

Sanjeev shared with a big smile, “The shining ray of hope came in my life when my elder brother, introduced me to the healthy weight loss program of Reshape Nation.” He explained the consequences of obesity and the term “ROOT CAUSE OF WEIGHT GAIN” which was very new for me. After understanding the root cause of my weight gain and how to fix it, I joined the healthy weight loss program of Reshape Nation in April 2020.

I took the program seriously and prioritized it. I sincerely follow my program designed by my coach. I understood the importance of expert guidance when it comes to health. I started my journey with Reshape Nation at 115 kg which has come down to extremely healthy & super fit 69 kg. I have lost 46 kgs in 8 months’ time!! Now people do not recognize me that I am the same person as before!!!

Along with losing 46 kgs, I also gained good health and found many benefits like:

– High energy levels throughout the day
– Not feeling sleepy in the afternoon
– Got rid of snoring
– Shirt and T-shirt size XXL to S
– Waist size reduced from 40 to 32
– Cravings for junk foods has gone
– Back pain gone
– No gastric problem

It has been a miracle for me! Though I am 39 years, today I feel noticeably young, fit & energized throughout the day Life is so awesome now. Words are not enough to express how I feel every day of my life.

There is a community like #ReshapeNation out there, which has scientifically proven methods and a holistic approach to help anyone claim their right to lead a healthy lifestyle. “THANKS” is such a small word for what I have gained through this program. Still, thank you Reshape Nation.”

Congratulations Sanjeev for your amazing efforts, this super inspiring transformation, and contributing to the noble cause of #ObesityFreeIndia. As mentioned in the quote at the beginning, Sanjeev has got back his health, with that he has got back his hope for a better & a bright future!

We wish him the absolute best and hope many more of you would take up the journey of being healthy & being fit!


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